Album: Oh Sweet Ransom - Self Titled EP (2011)

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Song: The Arsonist Vs. The Assassin

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Formed In 2008, OH SWEET RANSOM Scorched A Path Up And Down The West Coast Following The Release Of Their Self Titled EP. Leaving Venues Devasted And Scores Of New Fans Breathless, OH SWEET RANSOM Brought A Fresh Vision And Attitude To The Otherwise Increasingly Stagnant Post Hardcore/Screamo Scene.
Emerging From The Shadows Of Bands Like Escape The Fate, Saosin, And Even Thrice OH SWEET RANSOM Is At The Helm Of The New Direction Of Rock And Hardcore. Searing Guitar Melodies, Theatrically Rooted Vocal Themes, And Over-The-Top Stage Show Experiences, Followed By Relentless Touring Merges A Volatile Cocktail For Change That Current Music Needs So Desperately. A Truly Exciting Feat That Must Be Seen To Be Believed.
Find OH SWEET RANSOM As They Gear Up To Release Their Brand New Full-Length Album Sleep.Dream.Wake As It Promises To Change The Game, Again.